“John’s been my sitar teacher for the past five years and I can’t imagine ever learning from
anyone else… his passion for the music and the underlying cultural tradition is
– Nathan Brenner

Learn the beautiful and exciting North Indian / Hindustani music of the Maihar Gharana.

Learn traditional instruments such as the sitar and sarode OR western instruments of the students choice or specialty.

Learn from a teacher with nearly two decades of full-time experience performing and teaching, who trained directly with some of the most famous and influential traditional musicians of the last century and has an MFA in North Indian Music.

  • Students will be immersed in the practice of raga (melody) and tala (rhythm).
  • They will learn the traditional instrumental techniques to apply to their instrument in order to facilitate playing classic compositions of the Maihar style in many different rhythmic cycles (meters).
  • They will study the art of improvisation, and how to incorporate the iconic rhythmic and melodic cadences known as tihais.
  • The highest level of training will be the ongoing exploration of the alap, a meditative solo movement, unaccompanied by tabla or other percussion, in which the performer elaborates on the beauty of the individual raga (melody).

Scheduling and location

All regular private lessons are 1 hour in duration and will occur on a recurring day and time each week at the teacher’s residence. Flex lessons may be scheduled individually.

Group lessons may be scheduled depending on student interest, skill level and availability.

The teacher is available, at his discretion, to travel to the student’s location for lessons at an additional charge based on drive times.


Notice of cancellation must be given at least 24 hours in advance. Lessons that are properly cancelled may be rescheduled at the teachers convenience within one week of the cancellation. Missed lessons will not be refunded.


Private Lessons Monthly Tuition – $240 ($60/hour)
Flex Private Lessons – $70

Group Lessons Monthly Tuition – $160 ($40/hour)
Flex Group Lessons – $50

*Online lessons are available for the same rate in each category.

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